Monday, June 12, 2006

Unexpected joy

The house where I stay is crazy about soccer. The landlady subscribed to cable TV just to watch World Cup matches. So tonight I arrived home when half of Japan-Australia first match was over, with Japan leading 1-0. Not understanding the point of soccer, I read a book next to three excited girls glued to the TV set, and blurted a memorable line:

Girls, where's the ad?

When the match seemed to almost end with a Japan win, you could see anxiety grew in the Australian fans' faces. But the Australian team itself didn't seem fazed at all. In fact, they scored three goals in the last six minutes. Isn't it fantastic, a team that looked like it's a goner (they didn't score a single goal in the last 32 years), rose from the dead to victory?

(What happened aferwards was interesting; because my friend emphatizes too much with any losing team and accused me of not sympathizing with her 'side'. But that's for another topic of "What can happen to you if you are not allowed to express joy when your team wins")

The only thing I 'like' about soccer is that determined seeking to score goals and that earnest joy when they are beget. Another thing is that, this is a game that gives both teams a chance to win til the very last minute, the very last second. What an unexpected joy it is to see hope born!

Kinda remind me that for grace is like that; it comes in the least expected moments and for some people, it literally snatches them from the jaws of Hell moments before death... like this lucky creature here.


UPDATE: My friend Vergel writes a classy commentary live for the World Cup series. You can read his writings on your cellphone by downloading this free mobile application here.


J.T. said...

I like football as much as the next guy. But I LOVE rugby. And this is why I love it so much!

Antonia said...

LOL.. it gives new meaning to 'religiously' following a sports!