Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Today hasn't been really "productive" in the traditional sense - but we accomplished a few things:
(1) Got the website draft up
(2) Did a thorough project proposal

What's new, you may ask, since these are the daily tasks of budding entrepreneurs? :)

What's new, the answer is, is the attitude. Today I realize how much better I can contribute. How more involved and passionate anyone can get. Is it a one-off phenomenon? I don't think so.

What Robert Pirsig of the "Motorcycle" fame wrote echoed back to me. Quality. It's all about quality, isn't it. Quality is when you know you have fluidly contributed the day towards something that is Good. And so should each day be.

Lapses may seem only human - but I have recently come to see that what we often call 'human errors' are nothing but aberration from the grand plan we call being human. Human beings are made to do great things - if only to exalt our God, and so it shall be my new inspiration: that we may do things better tomorrow, for that is what our purpose here is.