Monday, September 03, 2007

J2ME Polish: garden-variety bugs

I'm writing this short collection of bugs I've encountered when working with J2ME Polish (RC4) on Samsung devices, just for my personal future reference & to help anyone who found this in passing:

  1. The use of 'viewtype' midp2 (which in my case allows more flexible layout of elements) causes, in some devices, notably SGH-E900 and SGH-X820, the screen to freeze when any joystick key (up/down/right/left) is pressed.
    Workaround: Pressing the down key returns -1 as the index of the next element. Either implement your own extension of the MIDP2LayoutView class to correct this problem, or don't use it—use other view types.

  2. Title bars sometimes are not rendered in a Form. Again, not all devices are affected; title bar does get rendered on Z230, Z400, and Z720 but NOT on E900 and X820. Might have something to do with Canvas sizes and Screen sizes, and/or fullscreen issues.
    Workaround: not known. More research needed.

  3. On a Form, when implementing an ImageItem to act as a button, J2ME Polish may sometimes throw an error that the Command attached to the ImageItem cannot be executed. Again, the above devices seem to be the only ones affected.
    Workaround: The Command needs to be attached to the ImageItem via setDefaultCommand(...)

That's about it for now; this will be updated as more issues are encountered.


Cesar said...

Really interesting and useful your article! I'm starting the j2me development with Polish framework and I'm perceiving some strange behaviors happening. Did you find some more problems using this framework to share with us?
Thank you and Congratulations for your work :)

Antonia said...

Well, there are plenty of strange behaviors with J2ME Polish and certain handsets. I think I've written plenty of troubleshooting posts about it; do check out the J2ME label archive here.

If you have any specific questions, perhaps I can help you if you drop me a mail.

mohu said...

Hi Antonia,
Good work on j2me posts.Keep it up !
Like to discuss few specific issues in j2mepolish. Can i have ur mail id. It will be grateful if you ping me at