Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Church of the future...

... I hope not!

Sandro Magister has an excellent article about what the Duomo of Milan has done in its effort to bring out "new evangelization" through "today’s forms of art."

I am amazed to read all that; I wonder whether the author is being satirical or truly believed this would be the future of the Church! (I am also amazed that I am shocked.. such a traditionalist :) Anyone going to that cathedral might not recognize that it is a Catholic church, unless there's a mass going on.

Where is Jesus in all that? No more gospel, no proper music, (dare I say..) no Catholics in attendance?


J.T. said...

I perused the article and it is so absurd that I don't know whether to believe it or not. But one thing is certain: I have faith that the Church will stamp out any practice that is deemed unacceptable. Perhaps it will take years or decades. Perhaps it will only happen after my lifetime. But all in God's time.

Antonia said...

It is! It is so absurd it's hard to tell whether it's fictitious! I was taking a break from work when I saw this article; for a while I thought I was at fantasyland. The Church needs our prayer, (with eminent personnels like Cardinals Martini and Tettamanzi behind the near-sacrilege at the Duomo!) may she continue to be the true ark that'd carry us all home.

J.T. said...

Prayer is good. Prayer is always good. And remember to pray for the two cardinals as well.

Sometimes, at least on a local level, a more interventionist approach may also be effective. Lobby the decision makers! Better yet, become a decision maker! If you think there's liturgy abuse at your parish, become part of the liturgical committee and set things in order.

Antonia said...

Forgive me for my ignorance, I'm not aware there's a "liturgical committee" at a parish level? Since I don't really belong to any parish, I can't say much; I've only heard about the 'parish pastoral council', and that too, not in very positive news.

But I'm sure some parishioners have brought up some questions about questionable liturgical practices. The Catholic News regularly prints such questions (and rants, sometimes).