Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ultimate weight-loss activity

I bought a little drawer set made of wooden frames and cardboard boxes this morning, in an effort to combat mess. When I came back tonight from the Choice reflection day, I sat down to assemble its parts together.

Being the eldest daughter in a family with no sons, I grew up as my dad's assistant handyman. I guess I'm out of practice, because I'm totally drained and my arms are still shaking after taming the imperfect holes with wooden plugs and screwdrivers and L-wrench. Some pictures to entertain the idle visitor: (Sorry, no picture of the parts before assembly!)

This is the trickiest part: putting together the drawer handles!

For anyone who wants to burn serious calories to lose weight: purchase a small furniture from IKEA, assemble it yourself, feel the hunger in your rumbling tummy and enjoy! My thumbs are now bright-red. Hope this little baby brings order to my room. Have a good weekend.


little M said...

huaaa.. Rinaa gaharr!!!!

J.T. said...

Next time you have furniture to put together, invite Bravo, Actus and me to help you. We'll do the hard labour. You just have to feed us afterwards with the stash of food in your fridge...yummms.

Antonia said...

Mel, at least it made you laugh, or smile?

JT, you're on :) Fortunately for you and Bravo and AE, I don't buy furnitures often. In fact, this is the first since I moved into this place two years ago... But I shall be generous with food when I have some to share. Just let me know.

Bravo said...

Good idea JT, kind or reminded me of my uni days when we help friends shift house and fix stuff. And latter we all go for makan!

Do love to try some yummy food from Indo.