Friday, June 02, 2006

J2ME references

This week I've been grappling at low-level firefighting on the J2ME mobile platform. One of the most frustrating things I encountered is finding similar problem being reported in the various forums, but not the followup!

So here are some reference for those who stumble here through late-night Google search:

For newbies who get frustrated by JSR-135 non-compliant implementation in Nokia phones: theory vs. practice
Mobile Media API Support In Nokia Devices

For those who find their JARs too big / want to 'hide' their code so that codelifters have to work a little harder:
Obfuscators: Proguard, Retroguard, Jode, etc.

For those who want to 'polish' up their clunky app:
J2ME Polish—be warned, there may be some problem using J2ME Polish with Obfuscators!

Update: Will post more on my wrestling match with J2ME-Polish and Proguard later. Down and out for the week.

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