Saturday, June 10, 2006

God's eye candy today

While strolling outside a church's meeting room today, I saw a tree with beautiful leaves. I don't know what it's called, but it sure made my day! How great He is who made them!


PS: Picture quality was degraded due to MMS size limitation (original resolution: 1280x960, reduced to 640x480)


Bravo said...


Nice picture on the leaves. The tree is call the Fish Tail tree (Caryota urines).

I also put up a picture of it at my blog, you can pop by Leaves, railing and light… at peace

Get well soon :)

PS: Well done on the wooden frames and cardboard boxes... I had the same experience with my PC table too ;)

Antonia said...

Actually, it's not fish tail palm, because the fish tail palm tree is next to it...

Bravo said...

Is it?? Mmm... I guess I'll just do some slight correction to my blog, thanks. Or you can leave a comment note on my blog.

Do let me know when you have the correct tree name ;)

Antonia said...

Sorry Bravo, it seems it is fish-tail palm after all.. I'd never make a good botanist; different pictures on the 'Net of this species look so dissimilar to me! :)

Bravo said...

Hi Antonia,

No worries, a few more walk in the garden and you will do well;)