Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I agonized over whether or not I should write that I am happy reading this article, but what can I do; I was happy!

Papa Benedetto XVI said: "Sacred polyphony, especially the so-called ‘Roman school,’ is a legacy that must be carefully conserved, maintained alive and made known." Domenico Bartolucci, 89, who had been appointed "Maestro in perpetuo" of the Sistine Chapel, directed a concert held in honor of the Pope by the Domenico Bartolucci Foundation. Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf wrote what a reversal the Pope's move seems to be, after years of bad liturgical music sung in the name of "Spirit of Vatican II".

Again, schadenfreude seemed to sweep over me this morning after sitting through the memorial mass of St Josemaria last night butchered by uninspired singing and an incompetent musician. Forgive me Father for this glee, but let sanity and common sense prevail over your Church's liturgy once more!


Actus Essendi said...

Being in the same Mass, I agreed that the choir could have been further improved :P Nonetheless, appreciation goes to them for volunteering for the Mass and because the one behind the choir used to work as an ironing lady in the centre of Opus Dei :D

But hey, why don't we do something about it? Some of us have unofficially formed the 26 June 2007 All Girls Chorale, with polyphonic scores to be procured in July. Panis Angelicus and Lauda Ierusalem are just some of the highlights. Stay tuned for the audition!

J.T. said...

Just two comments. Well 1 comment and a question:

1. What is "schadenfreude"? My grasp of the German language only allows me to name the different types of sausages and order beer. :)

2. And I think AE has the right spirit. If you think something needs to corrected or improved, then take action and do it!

Antonia said...

Schadenfreude refers to "rejoicing over another's misfortune". OK so the article doesn't quite describe another's misfortune.. but the glee I felt was so uncharitable it really felt like it's thumbing my nose at those who prefer and promulgate bad liturgical music!

AE, count me in! Does it really take a year to master singing those chorale music? Will discuss with you further on that.

J.T. said...

AE, what about the boys? Can't just leave the lads out, can you?