Monday, March 13, 2006

Wedding: A family affair

I just came back from my uncle's wedding in Jakarta this weekend. Traditional Chinese wedding dinners aren't exactly my favorite events (mediocre food, long wait, strangers at the table), but this time it was an exception. My uncle (mom's youngest brother) is finally married! At 47 (he's 48 this year), he's nearly a confirmed bachelor and everyone in the family tried to introduce him to some nice girls. His bride is a 36-year-old Catholic, smart & warm (career-)woman, whose family is also glad that she finally found 'the one'.

The timing is a little odd; being in the middle of Lent (at least it was not on a Friday). In any case, it was a pleasure dressing up, putting on super high heels & playing host to numerous family members from all over the place: Sydney, Canberra, Singapore, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, all over East Java (some of whom I haven't seen in 10 years!) as they came to celebrate my uncle's wedding. My sisters and I squeezed into our parents' room as guests poured into our house.

Though both bride and groom looked tired at the end of the evening, they were radiant with happiness (theirs is a love story of complicated twists that begun less than a year ago) and I wish them a happy and everlasting marriage!


Bravo said...

Wow! Getting married at 48. Guess it is a worthwhile waiting for the One for your uncle.


Antonia said...

I wholly agree. Sometimes my uncle compared himself to his peer who by now has got a 20-yr-old kid and wondered what if he had got married much earlier.. but I've seen more people who married the wrong person (whoever's available) just because at that time, they felt it was time to marry.

Bravo said...

I guess that is why you have the courtship period where both of them get to know each other more, deepen their friendship… and find out whether they are right for each, before going into marriage. I believe it is quite true what a friend shared with me recently… he calls courtship romancing with a clear direction and purpose.

Was talking to Father Adrian just now and he mention buying HDB was one of the cause that is causing some people in Singapore to enter into marriage for the wrong reason (you need to be a couple to register & buy a HDB and it about 3 to 5 years to get the flat, so after about a year of dating/courting they decided to ROM to get the HDB as long waiting time is needed … but a year or two later they find they are not right for each other).

Marriage is a sign of oneness just like the sign of the oneness of the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit).


PS: Hope your meeting just now went well. Will you be joining us for Raymond’s wedding this Saturday?