Sunday, March 19, 2006

St Joseph: role model of a discerning Christian

The solemnity of St Joseph (husband of our Blessed Virgin) is traditionally celebrated on March 19th. This year it is a Sunday, thus the solemnity is celebrated this coming Monday.

Today I heard a reflection about St Joseph, dubbed 'the Silent Saint' (because he was never reported to have said anything at all in the bible). From his introduction in the scripture, he was in a for a ride! First, he found his betrothed pregnant, then an angel of God told him to flee to Egypt indefinitely, and later, he lost the Child he was entrusted to protect when visiting Jerusalem!

And yet, not a single protest came from his lips. He received orders he did not understand, he went through trials he didn't ask for, but not a single protest came. St Joseph completely understood the nature of his vocation as a foster father to the Child Jesus and chaste husband to the Virgin Mary and the head of Holy Family.

Methinks St Joseph is the saint to pray for his intercession when discerning! For he is a humble man who faithfully accepted and accomplished his great mission through his persevering humble craft, devotion to the Child (have you seen the way he is always depicted to gaze at Jesus?) and total trust in God.

O St Joseph, ora pro nobis!

Prayer to Saint Joseph Before Mass

O Blessed Joseph, happy man, to whom it was given not only to see and to hear that God Whom many kings longed to see, and saw not, to hear, and heard not; but also to carry Him in your arms, to embrace Him, to clothe Him, and guard and defend Him.

V Pray for us, O Blessed Joseph.
R That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Let us pray.

O God, Who has given us a royal priesthood, we beseech Thee,
that as Blessed Joseph was found worthy to touch with his hands,
and to bear in his arms, Thy only-begotten Son, born of the Virgin Mary,
so may we be made fit, by cleanness of heart and blamelessness of life,
to minister at Thy holy altar; may we, this day, with reverent devotion
partake of the Sacred Body and Blood of Thy Only-begotten Son,
and may we in the world to come be accounted worthy of receiving
an ever-lasting reward.
Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

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