Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Belated Annunciation reflection

How could I miss writing about the beautiful homily I heard for this year's Feast of Annunciation? (This only proved total absorption into my self-centredness!) As written in my previous post, I was in the midst of a Choice weekend this Annunciation.

Fr Frans gave the homily that morning. He didn't dwell much on the events of Annunciation itself (though it'd be good because there were non-Christians amongst us that day), but somehow carried across the message of how beautiful and profound is the mystery of Incarnation.

Like Jesus, who is a Word, the Word, made flesh, we too were once nothing but an idea in God's mind. But incarnate ('carne'—flesh) we became: something that Was Not became something that Was, something that could do so much for each other and to reflect the glory of its Creator.

Too often, my own postmodernist notion of existence understates the awe-inspiring depth of Creation. Too often, my own preoccupation with me, me, and me, has taken away the Mystery that before our thoughts were, we were; before our dreams were, we were, and before Jesus became incarnate, Mary said Yes to Him. And that being alive alone, rouses a sense of deep awe of a God who puts that life in us.

(Yeah I know I'm rambling; but who could help it, such is the mystery of Annunciation?)

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