Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hotch-potch of rumors & news today...

From the most shocking:
  • Rumors of Kimi Raikonnen joining Ferrari from next year:
    I sure hope not, Kimi! McLaren has a great car in MP4-21 (hey, he was 3rd in Bahrain after starting at the back of the grid!), but could do with more reliability.
  • Mayor of a town in Indonesia prohibiting women from being seen outside after 7pm without her husband (couldn't find the news source this yet)
  • RFID chips can carry virus: so much for these little things being too 'primitive' to do any harm..
  • Condi Rice visited Jakarta amidst protests: we Indonesians like to protest whenever some statespersons from the US come to visit... plus a visit to a madrasah and hear this—an additional $8.5 million grant "for a program to bring 'Sesame Street' to the schools of Indonesia." Sesame Street! Sounds ridiculous; but it was my first contact with the 'West', it was the first English language TV program I saw as a kid...

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