Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back to Linux: welcome back, evenstar!

These past two months I have been operating on a Windows machine at the office & at home (on a laptop) because my workstation's monitor has this need to 'rest' for a few weeks before it could power up... I feel absolutely schizophrenic!

Now I'm back on evenstar (my Linux machine) and oh boy, I can do so much more! ;)

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Virgin said...

So glad I stumbled accross this blog.

It's so inspiring! I must confess. You are really a genius I must say at least from the little I've seen so far.... From Windows to Linux, you easily command your pc to do what you want of it.....anyway, we just have to accustom our selves to change as its a very constant phenomenom...The more computer experiences we have...the better for us...

Just checked the aftercologne2005 blog and I'm really motivated to help out in any way I can.

No matter how busy I may seem to be, I'll be so glad to team up / work with you on any or all of your on-going projects.

Feel free to call on me, anyday, any time. You make me glad being a youth and more so a vibrant Catholic Youth....

All the best

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