Sunday, September 18, 2005

Baby step

I just came back from my first CHOICE weekend as a brand new presenter. It was for an audience of all-Indonesian students, and I was just happy and so blessed to be there.

It marks the first time ever I'm getting involved in a ministry, and this too, after the WYD!

Pathos vs. Logos:

We had an interesting discussion after the weekend programme is over. We agreed it was a very special weekend; it had a different feel, different responses. The question is, was it because: (1) the presenters were mostly a team of seasoned Indonesian veterans, OR (2) the presenters were speaking in the mother tongue of the participants (therefore 'reaching deep')?, OR (3) the participants were young Indonesian students/new graduates who were away from family and especially vulnerable, therefore more susceptible to the values that CHOICE was trying to impart?

We had this discussion because it is increasingly harder to get through more jaded, older participants that a typical local weekend has. The values of the world are different from that of the Church, and it's getting more difficult to share the Christian values of relationship and belonging to a youth population with minds which are increasingly cynical.

More on this later..

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