Tuesday, September 20, 2005

20 reasons why I thank Thee

Just one of those days when I feel especially grateful!

  1. For the gift of my parents: You chose two wonderful people to be my parents and we have journeyed and grown together
  2. For the gift of my sisters: Without whom I would most likely forget what warmth is, without whom I would still live in darkness
  3. For enrolling me in a convent school: You taught me to say Your name, to pray to You, before I know who You are
  4. For the gift of faith when I was as a child: You made me see You through the eyes of faith before I could grow old enough to question whether You exist
  5. For the gift of intellect: You gave me intellect so that through my faith, I may strive to know You more
  6. For the gift of curiosity: You drew me to Yourself through the wonders of Your creation
  7. For the gift of languages: You gave me aptitude to learn many languages so that I may know You through many expressions
  8. For calling me to Singapore: So many things You have made me experience, taste, see and learn from this country
  9. For keeping me safe in Singapore: So many have come and felt only disappointment, but You have seen me through the worst of times
  10. For the gift of Auntie Dolly: You gave me to her and her to me when we need each other the most. I love her, You know that
  11. For the gift of optimism: I was a born optimist because You gave it to me to keep up my hopes
  12. For the gift of focus: You gave me focus so that I could keep my eyes always trained onto You
  13. For the gift of friends: Although I have not been a good friend to many, You gave them to me and I to them so that we keep each other company when we need friendship the most
  14. For the gift of courage: You gave me courage so I can embark on an adventure, a lifelong journey to return to You
  15. For the gift of your forgiveness: You forgave me first, and I learned how to forgive others
  16. For the gift of Eucharist: Need I say more?
  17. For the gift of John Paul II the Great: Through his writings, You revealed Yourself to me
  18. For the Internet: I have lost myself in the Web, and You reached out to me through the Web
  19. For the gift of CHOICE: I was lost and despaired, but through CHOICE, You found me
  20. For Your beautiful plan for me: You have made me live my life thus far, and brought me far away from my family, yet You have a beautiful plan from me!

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