Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I don't normally listen to that many podcasts. But some of them are good & may be of interest to you:
Cardinal Arinze's Podcast
¿Habla usted español?

I love Cardinal Arinze's style: he doesn't mince his words! I've never laughed so hard and understood so clearly what he explained by mortal sin (as opposed to what some theologian seemed to claim—that the sinner's lack of intention to 'break' completely with God means the sin is not mortal!)... you have to listen to him yourself!


J.T. said...

Hi Antonia,

I think podcasting is an excellent medium for evangelization, to practice Catholic apologetics and even vocation promotion.

Perhaps we should start one in Singapore as well.


Antonia said...

JT, why don't you start one?

I found listening to Podcast a better alternative to listening to the same set of music over and over. I agree that apologetics materials are suitable; especially because most of us are not unfamiliar with the background stuffs, and the medium is highly subject to distractions!

However, I've also encountered bad podcasts.. it takes quite a bit of skill & experience to be able to explain the material well & in an engaging manner!

J.T. said...


The thought of starting a podcast has actually crossed my mind before. But then I may have to stop being with my current apostolate.

Actus Essendi said...

Talking about 'laughing so hard', I did it this morning in the office after reading this review about DVC the movie. Check it out; it's riotous!


Antonia said...

Yeah, I saw that commentary :) It's just amazing how many people turn off their minds and swallow the codswallop!