Friday, May 26, 2006

Awakened from vegetative state

Scientists have managed to rouse a small number of people from a permanent vegetative state using the insomnia drug zolpidem, giving hope to the relatives of those in such a condition.

Original article here:
Sanofi-Aventis’s drug zolpidem wakes patients from a vegetative state.

Methinks there are many more conscious, living & breathing people who needs to be awakened from a spiritual vegetative state! Jokes aside, read the article & what do you think is the catch ;)


J.T. said...

Does zolpidem cure insomnia or give you insomnia? It's counter-intuitive to use zolpidem to wake a person from a vegetative state if it cures insomnia, n'est pas?

Antonia said...

Good catch! :D

It seemed to require constant/increasing dose to keep the patient awake. Also it seems to make for a traumatic family reunions to see the patient lapsing back to unconsciousness.