Thursday, October 02, 2003

This week is hectic. Truly hectic! Two sundays ago I was watching Wild Rice Theatre's production of "Animal Farm", and now it seemed like an eternity ago.. (doesn't make mathematical sense, I agree - but being mathematical is the last mode I am in right now..)

Apart from various midterms and assignments, there has also been tremendous development of ideas; especially concerning my idea of a startup company... for obvious reasons I will not put the idea here. Suffice to say that it keeps me burning at night while surviving through the endless stream of work being thrust onto us students :D

I'm experiencing a true writer's block. Ideas are brimming during classes and discussions; but somehow they refuse to 'congeal' into written, or anything remotely tangible. What am I to do, oh Africa? There's so much to think about Africa, so much to write, so much to do!

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