Tuesday, October 07, 2003

It's 2.30am, i'm still quite awake... very excited about learning how to write a business plan! Well, for you out there whose background is as technical as me (I'm an engineering student, by the way), there's hope yet!

Health-wise, not good. Not good at all, when you've been up working ovenight during the weekend, and suffering from various digestive ailment... =( It's late at night and i'm hungry. The smell of somebody's soup and toast wafted up to my room...

My project on Africa has finally been finalised! I'm writing a business plan for information technology venture in Africa. Since this is my first attempt doing something business-like, I'll start with industrial analysis and market research first, followed by (if i have time) a bigger business plan. Some useful sites on Africa's state of technology:
Acacia Initiative and Global Digital Divide Initiative

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