Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back from hiatus

I'm back from a short almost 2-weeks break. Holiday's great, but I think what's even better is getting back to work with a greater conviction that work is GOOD :) Meanwhile time passed really fast and some update trivia:
- I cannot recognize my parents' house in Jakarta; it has been transformed completely!
- Actus Essendi is now in Rome: Arrivederci!
- The aspirations widget is (mysteriously) available for download from several sites (Softpedia, ZDNet, and from its original main Yahoo! Widget Gallery). So far there has been 1780 downloads, and some feedback include: shorter aspirations, aspirations from some requested popular saints, and one request for a rosary widget! (Coming SOON)

Meanwhile, holiday (or summer, whichever is your case) is getting over, get back to work!


Pame said...

Hi Antonia,

I found your blog looking for a Rosary widget for my blogs ( &

I would be glad to help you with a Spanish version for it. There are no Catholic widgets for blogs in Spanish, so yours would be greatly appreciated!!

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Hi Antonia,

Am based in Singapore too though I travel a lot.
I use your widget and find it very helpful. Is there a way to customize it i.e. insert my own favorite aspirations -- just for my use so I don't impose my preferences on other people?

Pau Yi

Antonia said...

Hi Pau Yi,

I was thinking of this feature, but haven't found time for this lately since I caught dengue fever recently. How do I contact you? Antonia.