Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vocation.com's Coffeehouse

I found this video on Youtube, (yes, a little late) about a coffeehouse project by the team behind Vocation.com. (Vocation.com is run by the Legionaries of Christ). In Toronto 2002, they found that opening a coffeehouse for the World Youth Day pilgrims was a great "success." So they decided to do it again for Cologne. 'Tis a pity I didn't step into this coffeehouse when in Cologne then..

It was a simple enough concept: provide coffee and music for the pilgrims, throw in a few talks by bishops, priests, and married people. It drew a full house each day, closing (at midnight) with Benediction. At any time, there were never "less than 40 kids at adoration". The coffeehouse also made confessions available; it was so packed that there were lines of pilgrims outside, and priests were hearing confessions outside in the street, from morning until midnight!

After 11,000 pilgrims had visited the coffeehouse, Fr Emilio Diaz-Torre, LC, remarked, "What is God telling us? That they (the kids) like coffee? No, what they're looking for here, you know, is Christ."

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