Tuesday, March 06, 2007

For Hire!

I've been thinking of putting aside some time at the service of those who are looking for mobile application consultants :)

(Looking at the traffic to this blog, most of the visitors, are not here to see my occasional reflection or ramblings of the soul, but to find solutions to J2ME bugs/Linux-sysadmin problems that I've described and solved!)

So anyone who's seriously looking for a specialist (part-time/project-based only) in the following areas, please drop me an email or leave me a comment:

J2ME (5+ yrs experience):
- application design,
- application-server system interface design,
- user interface design,
- code implementation,
- code security,
- bug fixing, (!)
- on-device deployment,
- application signing,
- on-device installation & testing, AND
- application provisioning
(esp. Sony-Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung)

UNIX/*NIX sysadmin (6+ yrs experience):
- resource planning,
- installation,
- security/usage policy management,
- general security maintenance/fix,
- setup/install/performance tweak,
- application server administration (Apache/Tomcat/Sun AppServer),
- mail server setup/maintenance (Qmail/IMAP),
- database migration/upgrade,
- application versioning,
- application/server migration,
- load balancing,
- backup routine, AND
- disaster recovery
(on all flavors of Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris)

For a glimpse of some past problems I've solved, check out these: j2me, linux. Reference available upon request!

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