Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Extraordinary August

August seems to be the most eventful month of the year for me. This blog, for instance, was started in August 2003. My parents' birthdays are both in August. My country's independence day is in August. The country I am staying in right now has its independence day in August. I received the Sacrament of Confirmation in August. My first holy hour ever was in August. The trip to the World Youth Day in Cologne last year was in August. My Choice weekend was in August 2004. This year, I attended Choice Asia conference in August.

August: when flowers and bloggers bloom
Soon I'll join my family for a break and begin a blogging hiatus. Friends and lurkers and random readers, wouldn't it be great if, for one week, you can drop me some comments to introduce yourself: where do you come from, what do you do, how did you come to know this blog, and just a sentence to say (eg: Antonia, you write crap!), etc.? I know some of you have your own blogs, but you don't write nearly enough for me to know what's happening in your lives! Don't be shy ;) This week is this blog's "de-lurking" week: come out and bloom..


antonia said...

Hellooo! You know that I read your blog!

Name: (like yours) Antonia

Age: 22

Location: UK

God Bless!


Virgin said...

Hi Anthonia,

What can I say? I've never seen you in person but your blog has so much to say about the great genius in you. I've not seen you yet I've grown so fond of your blog. How much more when I shall be privileged to meet you in person.

Anytime I'm less busy and decide to take a stroll to your blog, I always find a lot of things to fire up my imagination spiritually, morally, socially, technologically, ecology etc... Though I may not have the time to reply to every post but then there's none of it that passes by without my reading it.

So then who am I? Of course, you already know quite a lot about me.....

My name book, my projects ... but then there's still a lot about me yet to be unveiled....

I've always thought of creating a new personal blog where close friends can see all that's happening to me at the moment ( Samuel's World)....daily trials, challanges, inspirations, victories etc ..........but then I've had so much troubles to deal with lately e.g (mum's death, my plans to go back to school(online or part-time), search for a new part-time job and..... many more....) Well. maybe I'll just need to discipline myself more in order to get my personal blog up and running

Of course our worlds/environments are very much different and may be one of these days, you can consider taking a one week vacation to Africa....Nigeria. What an experience it would be! Anyway, the catholic community over here is also very friendly, lots of space for you to choose where you want to stay or visit... and you'll definitely have a lot to tell your people when you get back home....... Just let me know on time when its convinient for you (and maybe your friends), so that I can make adequate preparations as your host

As for your blog I think its really great but then you can still spice it up with a wisdom quotes section, riddles and jokes section to help keep our sense of humour going......Anyway I just love it as it is and wouldn't want it to be so clogged up.......

* of special note is your blog message on

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 ( Angst. Problem. Analysis. Solutions.)

I must admit, I've really learnt so much from you within this short while of getting to know you

Thanks for all the inspiration, Anthonia

What else would you like to know about about me?

I'm 25+ of age .......

Birthday....October 22nd

Favourite food : Fufu and Egusi soup ..... (African traditional)

I'm really kind of shy going further here but then I think we can talk better by email or phone as there's still a whole lot to talk about

.......Thanks for everything Sister.....