Thursday, November 24, 2005


<start of rant>

For anyone who's struggled with J2ME-J2SE and servlet on Tomcat container, I wonder just how do you maintain your rational sanity when faced with problem like this:

URLEncoder.encode("param", "UTF-8")+ "=" + URLEncoder.encode(payload, "UTF-8") [WORKS!]


"param=" + URLEncoder.encode(payload, "UTF-8") [DOESN'T WORK!]

The doPost(...) method of the servlet is able to read "param" using request.getParameter("param") in the first method and not in the second method! Bloody nonsense!

And on top of this, both methods still could not work when the call to the servlet is made from a J2ME client. Woot!
<end of rant>

Seriously, I'm getting sick of this. Maybe I should study theology now.

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