Saturday, August 06, 2005

5 days more to Cologne

As the month of August begins, I realized that there are less than 5 days left before I depart for Cologne for WYD! These last few weeks of getting a visa and transport funding have put me on a roller-coaster journey; afraid of getting my hopes up, and mindful always to pray that His will be done.

Yet after all the worldly buzz that plagued my preparation, I finally get down to reading materials for the WYD; its history, its purpose and most importantly, why I'm going there.

I don't think I'll be writing from Cologne, though I might post a picture or two ;)

August 12th: Frankfurt to Cologne
August 11th-22nd: Cologne (I'm not sure where I'll be, since I have volunteer duties everyday. I hope to visit all 12 Romanesque churches in Cologne, and the Dom, of course!)
August 22nd night: Cologne to Frankfurt, and then back to Singapore

Well, those of you who are going, I hope we can somehow see each other there ;) If not, have a safe trip and may you find Him who invited you :D

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