Saturday, November 20, 2004

Turning Point

I wrote some weeks back about going to this youth program weekend retreat called CHOICE. Well the activities did not cease after that weekend; in fact there are more activities now than ever. The majority of the people I met there are older than me, and every single one of them, to a certain degree, admitted that CHOICE brought about a "turning point" in their life.

My own turning point, happened quietly sometime last year. Around September last year, I began attending a series of talks about the Catholic Church and its teachings. Since then, I have noticed a change in my life — from priorities to readings to time management. Some things, have taken precedence over other things. CHOICE was a "visible" sign to an invisible change. Some would argue that invisible changes are harder to understand, harder to act upon, and could be as good as no change. That's why so many important, invisible things in this world require a conduit to express themselves to mere mortals with hardness in our hearts — such as the grace of Sacraments.

Anyway, I have not written anything much for a long time. It could be a good sign – it could be a bad sign. I could have been reflecting and mulling for a long, long time; and only now the fruits of that labor are budding. What I want to achieve in this post is simply a recognition that articulation of thoughts and changes need to be written in order for us to keep track of the direction we're going. I've never thought that blogs are private diaries – far from it – but as long as it serves the purpose of growth, I will write.

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