Tuesday, November 23, 2004

525,600 moments

This is another of those nostalgic moments before the frenzy of work gets hold of me. I found a curious instance of bizarre, amusing, and at the same time, pitiful snapshot of a woman who's been blogging about all her breakup and heartbreak and loneliness and longing at http://breakupbabe.blogspot.com. And more curiously, she landed herself a book deal, based on what she wrote there.

Not that i have anything against people who are honestly trying to get rid of the excess angst and bile in their life by venting it out at a public square (and a not-so-public square, like yours truly's blog). Recently I met up with a few girl friends who are going through a period of a need for affirmation; everyone is looking for the right person, some are looking to dump people they think are not the right persons, and others are asking whether going through this motion of questioning is worth the effort.

While I am very glad I'm not partial to generate much angst, I often wonder why not. The woman from the above mentioned blog was truly heart-broken. It's true I wasn't exactly in her position, yet I wonder whether I have spent the few months in my last relationship truly enjoying 525,600 moments of love? I think I didn't, and I hope that it is yet to come.

Perhaps that's the reason for the lack of angst. I now enjoy 525,600 moments in a year, with or without someone next to me. Man makes plans, God decides. My life is His to decide, including whom I'm with :)

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