Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Heartbreak and J2ME

Do these terms belong together? Heartbreak and J2ME? :D Methinks they do!

Just like Warren Buffet who said, if he'd been present when the Wright brothers flew their first plane he'd have shot them down, I think if J2ME hasn't been invented and adopted, it'd have saved a lot of heartbreak.

You see, today I and my coding partner spent a few hours trying to figure out why our JAR file, working perfectly on the emulator, refuses to display images when deployed on a real phone, Nokia 6600. So what went wrong?

Lesson #1: ".PNG" != ".png"
Lesson #2: Don't use Windows Explorer to view your files. If you are unfortunate enough to do so, always, ALWAYS, show all extensions!
Lesson #3: "Grow" your software in layers. Make sure each function works on the phone before going on to make other functions!

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