Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Last sunday's Mass readings held an epiphany for me. Isaiah, sometimes dubbed the 'fifth gospel', started out his works as God's prophet when he recognised his unworthiness. The angel of the Lord touched his lips with coal, in a way purged him of his iniquity, and here comes the epiphany: Isaiah said, "Here i am! Send me, Lord."

Similarly, Peter the Apostle first met Jesus while failing to catch any fish. He recognised Jesus as Lord and asked Him to 'depart', for he was unworthy. These two readings reverberates within, as I could identify very well with what they are feeling. Sinful, weak and unworthy of grace. Yet there was also a common thread of grace, warranted or not, in both men. They asked the Lord to show them their true vocation. They asked the Lord how to serve Him. They asked Him to make them better for Him.

The point is, they rose beyond their feeling of unworthiness, to embrace new lives (which may not seem to be pretty, nor more comfortable than before), one that is led by God.

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