Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Review: The Soul of the Apostolate

Happy New Year everybody! I know it is kind of 'early' to write about anything that says "you are dust and to dust you will return" - considering that Christmas season is still around for a few more days - but this is one inspiring writing quoted in the book I'm reading currently The Soul of the Apostolate, on the primacy of God in everything, and principally in the apostolic endeavor:

"[The apostle] acts as though success depended entirely on his own activity, but in point of fact he expects it from God alone.
He is always ready to say: 'O my God, Thou dost not will that the work I have begun should be completed. It pleases Thee that I confine myself acting valiantly, yet ever peacefully, to making efforts to achieve results, but that I leave to Thee alone the task of deciding whether Thou wilt receive more glory from my success, or from the act of virtue that failure will give me the opportunity to perform. Blessed a thousand times be Thy holy and adorable Will, and may I, with the help of Thy grace, know just as well how to repel the slightest symptoms of vain complacency, if Thou shouldst bless my work, as to humble myself, and adore Thee if Thy Providence sees fit to wipe out everything that my labors have produced.'"

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Virgin said...

Happy New Year Anthonia!

It has been quite sometime since I last visited and commented on your blog.

Catholic Linux Monkey blog has always been a source of light and inspiration to me and several others trying to live out the faith in a faithless world.

Through resources, issues and daily experiences you share on it, it seems as though it will soon become another Catholic hotspot in the nearest future.

For the past few years, anytime I visit this blog, it seems as though God has a new, special or distinct message for me. Somehow, I can hear God speaking to me through you or through these writings of yours and gradually drawing me into an apostolate which I do not know.

Your christian writings on this blog have always tackled several issues ranging from ethics, life, morality, Catholic devotion, prayer and evangelism in a digital age

I have been wondering how these resources, writings and tips could be made available to an ever growing number of Catholics even at the local parish where I worship. Maybe an extension of the Catholic linux Monkey blog branded with a different name might be needed or a Seperate distinct site with open-id support where articles from your blog can be routed.

I was wondering if I should at my leisure time create a new site with blogging/networking features with resources grouped by Categories . A new site titled " Living the Faith" or "Catholic Connections" or
"Digital Catholics" or a name you think would be most ideal.

You will be the Chief Editor of the new site of course, while I will focus on its development and publicity. You can take a look at the apostolate mission site "The Word among Us " to catch a glimpse of what I'm trying to explain. even though ours will be radically different.

When you are less busy, do write to let me know how you feel about this idea.

Meanwhile I've been trying to increase my reading habit (Catholic Literature) especially in this new year even as I am presently engulfed in reading a classic "The Confessions of St. Augustine" which I stumbled accross while searching for materials on " Truth" and "The Existence of God" , a major issue in the new book I'm trying to write and publish in the nearest future.