Friday, June 22, 2007

St Thomas More & St John Fisher

Today we commemorate the feast of St John Fisher & St Thomas More, more famous for his martyrdom than what he accomplished in his life. Read here for fascinating glimpse of his life, as well as some history about other English Catholics persecuted during the time of Henry VII and the secession of England from the Church.

I condemn no other man’s conscience: their conscience may save them, and mine must save me.
-- St John Fisher


bryn said...


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Marissa said...


Of these two English martyrs, I confess that St. Thomas More is my favourite. When I heard that he looked out for the education of his daughters as well as that of his son, I asked him to spiritually adpot me, too! Now I credit him as the saint who put me through uni! :)

What I find striking about the quote from St. John Fisher that you share, Antonia, is that it just as easily could have come from St. Thomas More. Apparently, individual conscience was the true value which stood against Henry VIII's made-to-order faith. It is those who are orthodox and traditional who are truly free.