Thursday, October 12, 2006

One Year On...

Technically it's been slightly more than one year since the World Youth Day '05 in Cologne. It's also been more than one year since I intended to start a project about the WYD.

It was an ambitious project (upon hindsight...) that I could no way pull off given my current work. (Especially not after board meetings when the board of directors came down hard on us!) So over these past few months, after stolen half-hour sessions (and slightly longer sessions over the weekend), I decided to focus on compiling just a SURVEY and put it together; a survey whose aim is to study the participants of the WYD and its effects, if any, on vocation.

It was inspired by stories I heard from the testimonies of those who attended the WYD '93 in Denver. Many priests & nuns and other consecrated persons I encountered online mention that they went to the WYD '93, and for some, it was a turning point. I'd like to know how far this assertion goes.

So please, anyone who's been to the WYD or who knows anyone who's gone to Cologne for WYD last year, please help me by participating in this (short & sweet!) survey. I hope to run this for one month or two and publish whatever result that may be garnered after analysis, on this site.

Any feedback or technical glitch, please write to me at catholiclinuxmonkey AT gmail DOT com. THANK YOU!

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