Monday, September 18, 2006


Misquoted and misunderstood? This weekend, the Vatican issued some statement that don't appease anyone: he was "sorry" over "the reactions"; some people say he shouldn't have 'apologized', some say he wasn't 'sorry enough'.

This is the original text (English translation) of the 'controversial' speech. Read it and this for yourself.

Some pictures of anti-Pope BXVI from around the world:

In London

In Somalia, a nun was stabbed in reaction to his speech

In West Bank, (even) non-Catholic churches were arsoned

In Pakistan (or India?), his effigy was burnt

Pray for our dear Pope!

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Virgin said...

Truth is bitter but it must be spoken. Should it be diluted? The church must pray for courage to stand this time of ever increasing trials and tribulations. Courage to bear true witness to the faith even if it entails matyrdom.