Monday, February 27, 2006

Crazy Eighties Meme

Enbrethiliel's Meme brought back so much memories :) At first, I couldn't recall any shows... and then I found some and then I found more and the memories just flooded in!

So, here are my lists, in no particular order:

Favourite 80's TV Shows:

  1. Airwolf
  2. Macgyver
  3. 21 Jump Street
  4. Doogie Howser, MD
  5. Family Ties
  6. Growing Pains
  7. My Secret Identity
  8. The A-Team

(Note that most of them are from the end of 80's... Private TV stations in Indonesia only came in '89!)

Favourite 80's Movies:
  1. Dead Poet Society
  2. Flashdance
  3. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Ark
  4. Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom
  5. RoboCop
  6. Blade Runner
  7. The Goonies
  8. Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade

Favourite 80's Music:
  1. U2—"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
  2. The Police—"Every Breath You Take"
  3. Debbie Gibson—"Lost In Your Eyes"
  4. Paul McCartney—"Ebony & Ivory"
  5. U2—"With or Without You"
  6. ABBA—"Dancing Queen"
  7. Rick Springfield—"Jessie's Girl"
  8. Crowded House—"Don't Dream It's Over"

(I didn't realize that most of my favorite songs are 80's songs! I always thought my kind of songs are the kind that my parents listen to... 50's & 60's & 70's... :p)

It's been quiet on this part of the world... other than we're raising funds for the Philippines landslide victims. I've been mulling about pre-Lent reflection for awhile now (which explains the quiet front)... will write before Ash Wednesday!

I don't know who to pass this Meme onto... not many regular readers here... Albert? :) Anyone who feels like a true child of the 80's! (And don't forget to write me back your blog link!)

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