Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bad dream

I woke up with a loudly beating heart (dug-dug-dug-dug) this morning after such a vivid nightmare... it's been awhile since I last had this kind of palpitation-inducing dreams!

I dreamt I was back in an old-fashioned classroom, jotting down biology notes about a small snake with yellow-silver stripes (the name, so patiently mentioned by the teacher, escapes my waking consciousness), and happened to be having one in a leaf container on my lap! I felt it move slightly and knew it had to be getting out from a hole somewhere in the container, so when I took a peek at the bottom of the leaf container, it struck at me! Having little space between my chair and the desk behind me I think I was probably bitten; but it was more of a shock than pain (has anyone ever felt pain in a dream?) that gave me racing heart...

What a start to a day! I spent the morning jumping at the slightest rustle...


Bravo said...

Hi Rina,

The closest I can remember in a dream is me experiencing a sudden falling… Can’t recall where I fell from… and I got up sweating… :(

I have to agree it was more of a sudden shock experience (like you mention) rather than pain.

I wish you sweet dream tonight.


Moneybags said...


First off, I wanted to tell you that I really like your saints graphics. They look very nice.

Second, thank you for writing to your sister for me. Since there are so many people asking for saints I have started a list and have a system in an Excel document. I just wanted to ask you to please let me know when your sister writes you back. I am just trying to make sure every email goes through and everyone knows who their saints are.