Thursday, May 26, 2005

BitKeeper is out..

BitKeeper is a 'source-code management tool'— a sort of industrial-strength CVS-like tool that is used in Linux OS development. The Linux developers have been using it for free, and BitKeeper's creator has decided to withdraw its support. Costs $500,000 to run every year!

He said: "Let me know when your rent and college tuition are free, when gas and groceries are free, and when your girlfriend decides that you having no money is a great idea. When all that is true I'll get on the bandwagon, too."

I'm a benefactor of Open Source movement, yet i can accept that not everything comes free. I understand Linus Torvald's objection to paying for BitKeeper though. An Open Source effort should not have to pay for its development tool!

Full article from Forbes

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