Friday, February 25, 2005

My pull buoy

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I recently picked up swimming again when I moved to my current place (there's a swimming pool behind the house).

I was slowly building up my physical condition and beginning to feel at home in the water. After a few months now, it just felt like I haven't improved much.

I need a coach. Well the next best thing, I figured, is to follow online coaching. So I found a few websites with tips on how to build endurance, how to achieve good swimming posture, how to isolate either your legs or arms during the drills.

So, I bought my very first pull buoy :) It's funny that I learned how to swim not having these buoyancy aids; and only to discover their usefulness much later.

My goal is to be a competent swimmer; as competent as an amateur runner who is capable of completing a marathon. At 24 it is too late to harbor dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer or a world record holder ;) I'd settle for having a good time challenging my body.

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